The natural alternative to medicinal shampoos

No more itchy and flaky scalp

Scalp health is a prerequisite for beautiful hair. But much more important: An itchy or flaky scalp means a significant impairment of well-being for those affected. There are many causes of an itchy scalp, and not all of them can be solved without medical help. In the case of serious skin diseases, you should of course speak to your dermatologist. In many cases this is not necessary at all! The Wildschön hair care concept has already ended the ordeal of many users. Find out here how you too can reactivate the natural regulation ability of your scalp .

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dry scales

Dry dandruff develops on a scalp that has too little sebum (sebum). The white scales are annoying because they come off easily and trickle onto the shoulders. The reason for the dried out scalp is often conventional shampoos with aggressive surfactants.

Greasy scales

Greasy dandruff is often caused by pathogens that can multiply very well on a scalp that produces excessive amounts of sebum (seborrhea). These are often yeast fungi. The trigger is often an overreaction of the skin to drying shampoos and styling products.

Conventional shampoos often make it worse

A vicious circle

The reason for an itchy or burning scalp is often the wrong hair care : Aggressive surfactants and other ingredients in conventional hair care or styling products dry out the scalp severely. This weakens the natural skin barrier : it becomes more susceptible to irritation, inflammation and fungal infections. It itches! The scalp defends itself against this by producing excessive sebum to compensate for the loss of moisture. However, a scalp that is too greasy is also an ideal breeding ground for microorganisms, so that bacteria and fungi can settle more easily. It keeps itching! And this is how the vicious circle of greasy and scaly skin and counteracting it with increasingly aggressive, drying shampoos or medicated care products with chemical ingredients begins. However, many of the specialized medical or conventional products for an itchy scalp only treat the symptoms, leaving you with the root problem.

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The way away from itchy or flaky scalp

Break the vicious circle

The good news first: Anyone whose scalp isn't itchy and flaky due to a serious illness can get the problem under control with a little patience. And without any medical products or chemicals . Because your scalp naturally has excellent self-healing abilities . Our approach is the result of a personal ordeal, as we have struggled with itchy scalp and dandruff for many years and we have tried hundreds of products in our desperation - and nothing has really helped. We also looked for alternatives that do not contain non-vegan lanolin (wool fat) and synthetic pantenol or synthetic urea products (allantoin or urea) . For this reason we have developed the Wildschön concept, which has already helped numerous customers to get the burning and itching of the scalp under control in a completely natural way.

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The wild beautiful hair care concept

healthy scalp

In our shampoos we do without chemical ingredients such as silicones, sulfates and parabens as well as artificial fragrances and preservatives . Instead of harsh chemicals, we use mild sugar surfactants that gently and naturally cleanse your hair and scalp without drying them out excessively. The optimized pH value of our shampoos also contributes to this. It was also very important to us that you can apply the shampoo directly to the scalp with the applicator . In order to give the scalp some protection back directly, our shampoos contain high-quality oils that care for the skin and also have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties. However, the oils are not just for your scalp: they also give your hair a silky shine . As soon as your scalp gets used to the mild hair care, it will automatically start producing only as much sebum as it really needs.

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As important as the right care product

Brushes for the scalp

The second important part of the Wildschön concept is brushing with a high quality natural bristle brush. With the brush you stroke the sebum from your scalp into your hair . In this way you rid your scalp of excess sebum while leaving your hair silky shiny and soft. At the same time you rid the scalp of dead skin cells and dandruff . The non-slip bristles clean the pores and sebaceous glands of environmental toxins and other residues so that they can function normally again. In addition, brushing is also a scalp massage , with which you stimulate blood circulation, so that nutrients can be better transported to the hair roots - this stimulates hair growth and reduces hair loss .

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"Your scalp will not recover overnight. It is even possible that it is initially drier or even more greasy. A little patience: After a few weeks, a natural balance will be established. The scalp then only produces as much sebum as as actually needed to maintain the skin barrier and nourish the hair."

Marcus - Managing Director at Wildschoen

The natural alternative to medicinal shampoos

Mild cleansing - healthy scalp