City kids with nature at heart

Sometimes the way you look at things changes like a landslide, sometimes it takes time, maturity, calm. We don't even remember exactly when we had the desire to develop natural hair and body care that combines the highest organic quality with optimal compatibility. We can only remember that on a mild summer evening a few years ago, we - the founders of Wildschön - talked about how disappointed we were with the existing products: Hidden chemistry in supposedly natural cosmetics, a lot of marketing, little substance. Meaningless seals of quality, ingredients whose names we could hardly pronounce, little transparency and little help from the manufacturers. We also simply didn't like many of the products: We often had the impression that the manufacturers hadn't recognized that modern, urban people are also interested in natural products that suit their lifestyle and taste. Maybe it was because of the magic of this beautiful evening, maybe it was just a realization that we all grew at the same time that there must be something better: Even before the sun had set, we had already brought the idea for Wildschön to life - at least in ours heads.

Consistently natural and in professional quality

And that's the idea in a nutshell: We only use natural and high-quality ingredients, as many as possible of the very best organic quality. If something cannot be offered by a certified organic company, then we use wild harvested herbs and plants, i.e. straight from untouched nature. The majority of our ingredients come from Austrian and German companies, but some also come from fair trade companies around the world. For our formulations, we work together with leading experts in hair care and skin health. This means: Wildschön meets the highest expectations of the best natural beauticians and hairdressers in terms of both application and results - professional quality for you at home.

Clean Beauty: Beauty through health

For us, the purity of the ingredients is not an end in itself or an ideology; our products should give you a good feeling on your skin and beautiful hair. Speaking from experience, we've each had our own challenges, from skin issues to broken hair. It is not uncommon for our skin to react extremely irritated to the ingredients of some conventional products. Even with natural cosmetics or organic shampoo. Many of them contain unfavorable substances, often shamefully hidden in the small print. Our approach is called Clean Beauty ( read more about the approach to ingredient selection here ). Our products are good for you, your demanding hair and your sensitive skin. We therefore consistently avoid chemicals. Our products are guaranteed:

  • Free from synthetic dyes and fragrances
  • free from artificial preservatives
  • free from artificial hormones
  • free from paraffins and paraffin derivatives
  • free of foaming and swelling agents
  • paraben free
  • free of acrylates and microplastics
  • free of aluminum

You can decide for yourself – with the right know-how

How can companies be transparent when they hide chemical-sounding ingredients in lists in foreign languages? With us you will also find the German names of the ingredients on many products. If there is not enough space, you will find the German terms at least here on our website in the product descriptions and in the glossary. And since these are sometimes difficult even for non-experts, we'll explain them to you: From the very beginning, we saw Wildschön not only as a manufacturer of care products, but also as a platform for high-quality and entertaining information transfer - all about application, ingredients and background our products. The best thing to do is to take a look around in our journal . We are here for you if you want to understand what is good for your health and well-being. We firmly believe that people are best able to make decisions about what is good for them when they have transparent access to all the information they need. So: Join us on the journey to more knowledge, expertise and understanding!

animal welfare and sustainability

Most of our products are absolutely vegan. Of course, we are also absolutely against animal testing in product development. If we decide in favor of a non-plant-based product for good reasons, we will point this out visibly and explicitly, for example if we use natural boar bristles for our brushes. Our approach focuses on you and your needs: the compatibility and quality of our products are paramount (you can find out more about it here ). That's why we use bottles made from recycled plastic, for example, because we can only do without artificial preservatives if we use a sterile material such as glass or plastic. After careful consideration, we decided against glass for the shampoo concentrates because it requires a lot of energy in production, pollutes the groundwater during cleaning and further wastes resources due to the higher transport weight. In everything we do, we take into account the needs of the environment and future generations - but together with those of your skin and hair.