Our philosophy is: Beautiful hair is the result of a healthy scalp, an adequate supply of nutrients and the right care. All Wildschön shampoos are therefore designed to support your hair and skin's ability to regulate and nourish itself. Each one is suitable for every hair and skin type - the only thing that matters is which scent and which ingredients you like the most.

Since the properties of the shampoos do of course differ slightly due to the ingredients, we still indicate these differences - depending on the initial situation, you may reach your well-being goal a week or two faster. These are the main differences:

  • Clean Shampoo Orange + Sage: This shampoo is our all-rounder. It is particularly balanced and cleanses refreshingly powerful.
  • Clean Shampoo Lavender + Spruce: With its valuable essential oils, this shampoo helps you get greasy hair under control particularly quickly.
  • Clean Shampoo Rosemary + Bayrum: This shampoo strengthens thin hair and provides a sensitive scalp with important nutrients for hair growth.