Hair Tonic Rosemary + Bayrum (30ml)

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  • Hair tonic for application to the scalp
  • Promotes hair growth and strengthens thin hair
  • 100% natural organic ingredients
  • Without silicones or other synthetic ingredients

The daily intensive care for your scalp: Even if Wildschön Clean Hair Tonic Rosemary + Bayrum gives your hair strength and shine, it is primarily intended for your scalp. The gentle massage with the tonic increases blood circulation in the skin and stimulates hair growth. At the same time, the hair and scalp are nourished with the valuable ingredients of the natural essential oils. It is therefore particularly suitable for thin or thinning hair that needs more strength and fullness.

Rosmarinus Officinalis Water*, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil*, Pimenta Racemosa Leaf/Fruit Oil*, Citrus Limon Peel Oil*, Alcohol denat.*

In German: rosemary water*, rosemary oil*, bay oil*, lemon oil*, alcohol denat.*

*From controlled organic cultivation.

Natural components of essential oils: linalool, eugenol, limonene.

°This product contains a so-called denatured alcohol (Alcohol denat.). Our Wildschön Clean Hair Tonic is a pure organic wine spirit to which natural camphor has been added to make it denatured. This high-quality alcohol is ideally matched to the balanced recipe of our tonic; it promotes blood circulation, has a toning effect and supports the effect of the other ingredients. The designation alcohol denat. says nothing about the quality and effect of the alcohol used. Denaturation is only for tax reasons: In this process, the alcohol is mixed with a bitter-tasting additive so that it can no longer be enjoyed as a drink. As a result, it is not taxable as alcohol for pleasure.

The use of hair tonic is totally easy: Since the care product is a liquid tincture, you can simply apply it to the scalp with the pipette after every hair wash. To do this, distribute a small amount evenly on the head and then massage it in carefully in small circular movements. You can then dry and style the hair as usual.

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Peter Allhauser
great - I like it

My friend gave me the hair tonic, now I've bought it twice myself. I think it's great for my rather thin hair.

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