Round brush (5.5cm) with natural boar bristles


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  • Gentle on the scalp and hair structure
  • Perfect for blow-drying and styling
  • Grippy natural bristles from the first cut

The Wildschön round brush made of natural wild boar bristles and beech wood is ideal for blow-drying and styling your hair. The bristles are 100% from the "first cut" - this makes them particularly easy to grip. They are arranged in 14 rows around the shaft, which is 2.4cm in diameter. The outer diameter of this smaller version of our round brush is 5.5 cm. With a total length of 21.5 cm, it fits particularly well in the hand.

The round brush is the right choice for you if you want to add volume and structure to your hair when blow-drying. If you want to damage a hair structure as little as possible, you should not choose a temperature that is too high when blow-drying. The round brush is used when the hair has already dried and is only slightly damp. With the round brush, blow dry your hair strand by strand until the moisture is completely out of the hair - only when it is dry can the hair hold its shape.

To ensure that you can use your brush for a long time, you should clean it carefully after each use. First, you should carefully remove hairs in the brush with your hands or with a wide-toothed comb. There are also special brushes and combs for cleaning such products, but in our opinion they are not really necessary. Then you should tap the brushes lightly with the bristles in a soft cloth to mechanically remove scales and other small particles. If after a while you feel that wet cleaning is necessary, you can simply clean the bristles under lukewarm running water with a little mild shampoo - this will remove excess sebum that can accumulate in the bristles over the course of weeks or months. It is important that you then pat the wood thoroughly dry and lay the brush on a towel to dry. The dried bristles do not need any extra care products afterwards, because the sebum on your scalp will care for the bristles sufficiently after just a few uses.

Most of our products - like shampoos or oils - are completely vegan. This product is not vegan. We only use a non-vegan ingredient when we think it's particularly good for you and the alternatives come with too many compromises on your hair health. For more information on this, see our article on brushing your hair in our journal.

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Good brush

The bristles feel great. Very good quality!

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