Natural boar bristle handle brush

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  • Gentle on the scalp and hair structure
  • Transports natural sebum to the tips
  • Grippy natural bristles from the first cut
  • Long shaft for lots of control made from oiled pear wood

Your mane under control: Our style brush made of natural wild boar bristles and pear wood is particularly suitable for stubborn hair that needs full control thanks to the large handle and an overall size of 22 x 4 cm. The rows of bristles arranged in parallel rows make it easier for you to get through thick hair. They consist 100% of the "first cut" - this makes the bristles particularly easy to grip.

In addition to regular washing, daily brushing is the most important prerequisite for a healthy scalp and shiny, strong hair. If you have longer hair, you should start with the brush to detangle the hair ends. Depending on how stubborn it is, more or less large strands of hair are divided off to make brushing easier and not to strain the hair too much. This can be a bit thorny, especially after you switch from conventional hair care to natural hair care - because your hair will need a few weeks until the chemical ingredients that made your hair combable have been replaced by the natural, nourishing sebum of the glands in your scalp. Now work the brush further and further towards the scalp until you reach the hairline. Once you've tamed your hair this way, brush the hair down its length with gentle pressure for about five minutes. It is important that you really put the brush on the scalp with each stroke and then slowly move it along the entire hair. This is the only way to distribute the sebum from the hairline to the tips. Again, if you're just starting out in natural hair care, please give your body some time. It is quite possible that your hair will feel drier or greasy in the first few days or weeks than with conventional hair care - but this usually goes away on its own after a while. Trust your body's ability to take care of itself - there's nothing better for your hair. For more information on this, see our article on brushing your hair in our journal .

To ensure that you can use your brush for a long time, you should clean it carefully after each use. First, you should carefully remove hairs in the brush with your hands or with a wide-toothed comb. There are also special brushes and combs for cleaning such products, but in our opinion they are not really necessary. Then you should tap the brushes lightly with the bristles in a soft cloth to mechanically remove scales and other small particles. If after a while you feel that wet cleaning is necessary, you can simply clean the bristles under lukewarm running water with a little mild shampoo - this will remove excess sebum that can accumulate in the bristles over the course of weeks or months. It is important that you then pat the wood thoroughly dry and lay the brush with the bristles down on a towel to dry. The dried bristles do not need any extra care products afterwards, because the sebum on your scalp will care for the bristles sufficiently after just a few uses.

Most of our products - like shampoos or oils - are completely vegan. This product is not vegan. We only use a non-vegan ingredient when we think it's particularly good for you and the alternatives come with too many compromises on your hair health. For more information on this, see our article on brushing your hair in our journal.

Customer reviews

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Christine R
Great brush

An indispensable part of my everyday life. Pleasant to comb, it lies well in the hand and also manages long, thick hair very well.
My daughter loves the brush too.

Super good boar bristle brush for a really fair price

I bought the boar bristle brush last week and am more than thrilled. It lies well in the hand, massages the scalp, does not tug when brushing and gives the hair a great shine. I can only recommend them and would buy them again at any time!

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